now *this* is interesting! *

high end prostituion in Viet Nam!  

While VN doesn’t have anywhere near the rates of johns as say China or Thailand (where studies suggest that 80% of Thai men paid for sex in the last year, and 50% of lost their virginity in transacted sex) paying for sex, as in most east asian countries, is not an anamoly. 

And with the rapidly increasing wealth of the new rich and the ostentatious displays of wealth that have become so apparent in the past 12 months, this niche market was always going to grow.  

The rate of $300-500 per encounter has been quoted on Viet language sites.  The per capita GDP is $800 a year.  In equivalent terms, with the US per capita at $45,000/year, it’s a charge of about $20K per encounter.  It really highlights the difference between the rich in the poor world and the rich in the west.  The spending power is astronomically different.   Anyway, I digress. 

If Hue was taking $100-150 cut per act, the women working for her would have been taking $200-350 themselves.  Not bad, when you consider the monthly wage for a tradesperson is about $120.  And that’s a skilled worker with qualifications and a considerable experience.  

Viet reports indicate Hue is 24 and comes from Viet Nam’s one of Viet Nam’s far south provinces, Ken Giang (incidentally, a rather rich province, cause many of the fishermen here smuggled refugees out, who’d sold everything to pay for the trip.  Though there are sure as hell lots of poor people there).  

Interesting how the network is comprised of “young girls”.  I’d be fascinated for more details. 

Hell, in this instance you don’t need any argument about “enjoying the work” – the money alone would form a sifficient justification.  Actually, Asian v Western preferences – I’ve heard it said again and again, “western men want me to like it!” like this is something shocking…  Long story here, but market preferences (as one might describe them) for sexual resposivity in women are vastly different – as a woman, you’re not meant to “like it”.  The But I Do It Cause I Love It! argument ain’t got no traction…  

And could you imagine if she’d kept information on the johns?  Given the rates involved, had she, I can’t imagine she’d have been charged.  Far too politically explosive.  But you never, never know….

And the leader?  I mean…  Really?  

I dunno.  There is just so much more here that’s not being said.  I do wonder what makes it into the public sphere… 

Anyway.  Maybe it’s just me that finds this interesting.  🙂

* sorry for the broken link.  Just… You know…


~ by Jael on September 25, 2008.

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