on coherent thought

cara has been so good as to invite me to join her at her blog. I am delighted to venture into the world of blogging without having to put one of these things together for myself; to hitch a ride, so to speak.

My interests include cheese; identity politics; labour and sexual exploitation (the how to prevent it side of things); east asia and religion – social organisation and the theological basis for belief. I also enjoy yoga and study for the sake of study. I find spelling difficult, though this doesn’t inspire me to proofread. Unfortunately.

While I’ve been promising Cara a post for what – I was going to say weeks, but it must be near months now – on women and social hierarchies in east asia, I have (surprise, surprise) not gotten around to writing it. I also fear I am better at responding to issues, than raising them – you requests are appreciated.


I’ll get my act into gear in the next day or two. Or there about. I’m thinking Confucian virtues of womanhood is an interesting place to start.


~ by Jael on July 31, 2008.

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