Announcements, excuses

My dear wombats, hello.

Many of you have noticed that I’ve absented myself for a while.  Again.  My apologies, I’m both busier than I expected because of forum events, and a lazy git.

That said, I’m happy to announce that we will soon be home to a least one, possibly more new bloggers, and thus you should not have to go more than a month between posts again – although I make no guarantees.

Thank you all for you patience, and I promise a new post in a much more timely fashion.



~ by heycarahe on July 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Announcements, excuses”

  1. so long as i’m the one, then cara-he, you maketh me the happy 🙂 hope the cadet and yourself are doing well.

  2. Of course it’s you dear. You got the email from wordpress asking you to register, right?

  3. Thank you

  4. Sorry to clog up your blog commentary, but I couldn’t find an email for you. I’ve set my blog to private recently, and since you were one of my five or six readers I thought you might like an invite. Email me if you would and I’ll send one out.

  5. Hi there, I will, thanks!

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