Louise Arbour and the Public Announcement of Reality

The United Nations High Commissioner has today given a statement pronouncing feminist causes including the cessation of violence against women as among the top priorities of the United Nations. In a move sure to draw the ire of misogynists everywhere, she states that the attainment of full human rights for the women of the world is a necessary step in living up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

With the adoption of resolution 6/30, the Human Rights Council affirmed its commitment to advancing women’s rights and gender equality. The task now is to translate that commitment into concrete steps and priorities to give real effect to women’s rights and dignity.

She goes even further, rightly reminding us that the root of rape is not the desire for sex, but the desire for power.

Whether perpetrated in conflict or in peace, the root causes of violence against women are deep-seated inequalities and discrimination.

Of interest to those of you who just read the post below about how the legality of abortion affects women, she makes a bold statement about the system and prevention of ‘maternal deaths’.

Discriminatory laws and practices are also at the root of many cases of maternal mortality. . .But there is often nothing inevitable about maternal mortality. Many of these deaths could be prevented by making women’s welfare and the realization of all their rights a matter of priority.

(I strongly recommend reading the whole speech, it is intense and magnificent.)

hat tip Catherine Martell, via UN News Center


~ by heycarahe on June 5, 2008.

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