8 Random Things About Me


1. I’ve spent more money on tattoos over the past 6 years than on clothes. I call that a win.

2. I have ornithophobia.

3. I can’t watch horror movies because of the gore, but I have no problem with handling human bones in real life.

4. I was born on the anniversary of California Admission Day – only a month and a half late.

5. I procrastinate on writing articles by pulling the keys off my keyboard and cleaning it out with q-tips. The fun part is figuring out how to put the keys back on.

6. I have active memberships in libraries in 6 different states, 5 different countries, and 4 different continents.

7. My first memory is of being on a camping trip and getting sick. I remember my aunt asking through the tent if I was ok. And I said back “I don’t wish to discuss it”. (I think I was all of four years old)

8. I was named after a Neil Diamond song. I’ve never quite forgiven my mother for that.

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~ by heycarahe on March 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “8 Random Things About Me”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the tag.

    1) I was born without wisdom teeth and I have at least one baby tooth still in my mouth — no adult tooth grew in under it. It’s mostly filled in now because of a cavity, but it’s still there, holding strong.

    2) I used to be a competitive figure skater as well as a member of a few synchronized skating teams. I have lots and lots of opinions about current figure skaters and I fucking hate Dick Button. He has no idea what a proper layback spin should look like. Male privilege!

    3) I own and love the movie Pootie Tang — the one movie Chris Rock said he actually regretted being in and producing.

    4) I love the movie so much that in undergrad (education classes) I actually wrote a unit plan about teaching linguistics to high school students using it as an example of alternative dialects as well as English grammar structures that don’t change as dialects change.

    5) I’m allergic to over-the-counter cold medicines that are supposed to curb coughing and sneezing. They make me cough and sneeze.

    6) I used to write and read a lot of poetry and love to read literature, but I prefer writing and reading non-fiction (creative or not) much more now. I don’t know why.

    7) I just donated three big trash bags’ worth of clothes to Savers.

    8) I found the mp3 player computer connector thingy that I thought I’d lost over a month ago in a bag that my dentist gave me full of toothpaste and floss. I don’t know how or why it ended up in there, but it seems like something I’d do.

  2. Thanks for the tag, Cara-he!


    * I admired John Gilbreth from Cheaper By the Dozen as a child, for no good reason.
    * I have never gotten a tattoo but am thinking about it.
    * I wore rainbows around for 14 years before being told they were a sign of gay liberation. Of course I kept wearing them but I hadn’t known before.
    * I used to think it should be called “humanist”, until Grade 8 social studies taught me that word was already taken.
    * I honestly believe that there should be an Oscar award category for Comedy, and that Talledega Nights deserves to win.

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