Apparently they don’t really give you a toaster. Sad.

hat tip pheenobarbidol


~ by heycarahe on March 1, 2008.

9 Responses to “Toast(er)”

  1. Yea Toast!

  2. FNT!! And bet you can remember/guess what inspired it.

  3. OF course! The IBTP Political Lesbian Struggle of 2007, now that was a fun week .

    I’m still waiting on my toaster from the great lesbian toaster oven empress in the sky, I hear she’s back ordered though, probably from all those women out there who have just finally had it with teh menz.

  4. Fun like a poke in the eye, right?

    Yeah, I’m waiting on mine too, but I guess there’s a different line for me? Or do we get toasters? Maybe I can ask for a stand-mixer instead?

  5. Poke in the eye is a good way to describe it, I remember that everytime I opened the boards I had a glass of red wine handy, it felt like opening my fridge only to discover that half the tupperware items were growing hideous mold.

    Were you a converter or a convertee?

    Converters receive toasters. I think a stand mixer is an appropriate gift for convertees.

  6. Converter. But as I’m not strictly a lesbian, I’m not sure it counts.

  7. I think the rules on conversion are loosely structured and as such a toaster should be awarded to you for your efforts.

  8. Yea! Toaster forthcoming (although I’m probably pretty far down on the list if you haven’t got yours yet)!

  9. Hmm I believe I’m #206,300,5332,119th on this list, the damn thing just keeps growing.

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