The End of America

I’ve been saying for years that the so-called accidents of elections that resulted in the Bush “presidency” were significantly more sinister than were ever presented. I freely cop to being a conspiracy theorist, because I’d rather be overly alert than caught by surprise. But I’ve never quite drawn out my observations into a coherent schema beyond individual sets of events – the crushing of legitimate journalism that resulted in Faux News and the disappearance of powerful dissenting voices, for example. I read books and articles on anthropological and religious theory, on Modernization and Middle Eastern politics, on the politics of the psychology of isolation, depression, and schitzophrenia, on Environmental and economic policy and I can see where, through laziness, busy-ness, fear, ‘othering’, fundamentalizing and minimizing our world is becoming a grey, homogenous place. Standardization. Industrialization. Capitalism. Blind obedience. Uniformity and Conformity.

Eventually: Eugenics

I fear for us. My fear is more generalized than localized, usually, because America is just one of many places. Because I think in terms of cross- and divided- culture, in terms of Patriarchy, and in terms of community and self-chosen social containment. But as a United States citizen (and also, therefore, an American), I also think in terms of Ideology. I live every day in the knowledge that the US is the most powerful government on the planet, recession or no. It informs my sense of security, it informs my right to an opinion, it informs, ultimately, my sense of Self.

I have a right to choose things for myself.

I have a right to an opinion on the system of governance to which I subscribe.

And I have been watching, observing these rights be erased, slowly and quickly, quietly and under voluble protest. I have observed the decimation of the Bill of Rights. I have observed voter disenfranchisement and ‘election’ by Appointment. I have seen local, national, and international consequences – the benefits to a megalomanic and his multinational corporation cronies – but I did not systematize them. Naomi Wolf has, and while I may question certain details of her observation (Guliani withdrawing from the presidential race is foremost among the problematic details) and dislike her use of anecdata, the formula is there. The essentials, the skeleton, are correct. “America” as an ideology and a democracy are disappearing – have been for years. And something needs to be done.

Hat tip to Gwytherinn for the video


~ by heycarahe on February 19, 2008.

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