January 1, 2008 1:25am

Have arrived.  EXHAUSTED.

Met lovely travel agent at the airport – thank bog, as have managed to fumble everything since arrival.  Must learn name (did remember that driver is Hassan).  Had forgotten must tip everyone, except unclear about actual value of Egyptian Pounds (L.E.).  Hopefully not insultingly low.

Hotel is confusing and without clock, so not sure have time right, but otherwise lovely, in an old-world, slightly rustic way.  Delightful solid doors, tiny lift, very high ceilings.  Blessed hot water in bath and apparently a balcony of sorts.  Can hear merriment below and have said “Happy New Year” in lieu of “Hello” or “goodbye” or “thank you” all evening.

Firecracker or engine backfire below, and endless horns.  Sounds like a parade, but apparently not.  Just Normal Cairo.


~ by heycarahe on February 2, 2008.

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