January 4, 2008 10:34am

I haven’t yet written about Habbak or her party, and I must, in no small part because she is an amazing woman, absolutely glowing.  She began and runs her own NGO – one which is apparently the model endorsed by the United Nations.

The city from the citadel is vast and magnificent, full of small ironies.  During the call to prayer, magnified voices echo and compete with each other.  Squat, square buildings cluster around towers, domes, and also electrical conduits.  To the left, the pyramids are clearly visible but aloof, withdrawing into the desert behind them.

Traffic contributes to the wind of confusion, indicating that  here, too, apostasy thrives.  Depending on your mood, the city encroaches and decays or recedes – although even in areas of rubble, palms spring up, defying abandonment.

continued 1:41pm

Nagib Malfouz – recommended restaurant.

We pass by El Azhar, the Muslim University and Marirose wants to know if women can study there – which they can, but with separate facilities and faculty (I believe).  Reminds me that Deena studied Construction Engineering at the American University in Cairo before getting her Master’s in Art for restoration work.


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