Dress-a-Day Drabble

Dear wombats, I have not abandoned you, oh no.

But I am very busy, so I present you with Erin’s latest drabble and urge you to visit her site for some wholesome fabric fun (and also donate if you feel so moved).

December 13, 2007

Incentive Drabble #2

yellow plaid dress

It’s not terrible not to be worn; it’s disappointing, and it’s boring, but it’s not torture. It’s not painful. It’s just — dispiriting. I miss feeling alive by being next to something alive. And what I really miss, more than anything, is laps. You can’t have a lap without a body to give you one. And I miss having a lap, a lap full of sticky little boy holding an even stickier lollipop, or a lap anchored by fifteen pounds of purring cat, or a lap full of mending. I’d even take a lap full of dishtowels to fold right now …

A Dress A Day


~ by heycarahe on December 13, 2007.

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