Oh, Sisters, Let’s Go Down


It has finally started raining.  Given that we are ten inches (or two years) behind on the rain, not only is this exiciting, it is an incredible relief.  Apparently, there are meant to be flash floods sometime this weekend, and awful though I know floods of any kind to be, I can’t help but remember being (I think) about eleven and seeing cars drive through streets knee deep in water – as though the whole city was about to revert to grasslands and flood plains.  It still seems like a wonderful, magical idea – no doubt planted by the Noah narrative in large part – but living in California, particularly Southern California, the idea of washing away the asphalt trappings and uncovering the ground has huge appeal.

Any kind of environmentalist is aware of the constant state of drought, the threat of unsustainability and/or natural disaster that is part and parcel of living in such a fragile, strained ecosystem, which is perhaps why each storm brings the irrational thought that perhaps this one will be the storm that saves us, the storm that permanently restores the  rivers, that washes away the oil stains, the carbon monoxide, and the styrafoam containers – although where I think they’re going to disappear to, I don’t know.

At any rate, that is what I will be doing this weekend – enjoying the storm and cleaning up.  Hope y’all are enjoying your own storms, and cleaning up your own messes as well.


~ by heycarahe on December 6, 2007.

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