A Tribute to Stormy

As per her request, there will be no linking to Stormy’s blog, but I want to reproduce a good portion of her conviction rates charts simply because they are such fantastic illustrations of why MRAs are not welcome here. (My insertions/redactions are in this color, for purposes of clarity*).

The rape riddle: When is 6% not 6%?

But seriously I did want to highlight the fact that a dismal statistic (the rape conviction rate) is actually pathetic.

One of my cyberfeminist-buds sent me a link to The Fawcett Society and the Society’s new report that less than 15% of rapes are actually reported. (See also Rape—The Facts.) The key points of the report are:

  • Less than 15% of rapes are reported
  • Only 1 in 5 reported rapes make it to court
  • Only 6% result in conviction

The last two stats are actually rounded up a little, as the (UK) national average for seeing reported rapes ending in conviction is 5.3%, so it is rather a generous rounding up of the dismal conviction rate. (See also the Truth About Rape and the breakdown by county of the national stats, based on the British Crime Survey.)

Anyway, I wanted to put the conviction rate in context of both the reported rapes and total rapes. This is where Stormy’s fun with pie charts takes on a life of its own.

[ . . .]

Firstly, let’s clock the visual (using Fawcett’s figure above). Only 15% of rapes are reported ( . . .).

Reported vs unreported rapes

[. . .]

Examining what happens to the 15% of reported rapes

Of course now, we need to see what happens with reported rapes. Only one in five end up in court (20%), and of those, less than 6% result in conviction. Let me take just a moment to emphasis that the investigation is discontinued in 80% of cases of reported rapes. 80%.

[. . .]

Reported rapes - the breakdown

[. . .]

OK, but I think we should put this back into the context of ALL (total) rapes happening, not just the reported ones. Using Fawcett’s 15% figure, let’s now put the discontinuations, court but no conviction, and court with (YAY!) convictions. It’s going to look like this:

The real conviction rate

Yikes! Where the fuck has my little red slice gone??? Dammit, it’s not even registering as one full percent, even after the generous rounding up. WTF!

So let’s put it in terms for the rapist/perpetrator.

85% of the time, he won’t even be inconvenienced.
12% of the time, a bit of inconvenience, he may get some questioning by the police, but that is more likely to go *wink wink* *nod nod*

[. . .]

Now let’s look at those poor bastards in the 3%. Three percent of rapists are going to have to buy or borrow a suit, plus hire a barrister.

[. . .]

Sadly for our charitable dude, if he is unlikely enough to find himself in the midst of all this inconvenience and cash outlay, he’s facing a (slightly more than) 25%—75% odds stacked against him, still very much in his favour ( . . .).

So, stoopid dudes fall into less than 1% of all dude-rapists. Guess it must be a form of acceptable losses for the patriarchy. Because if you look at it, out of a 1,000 girls/women getting raped, 9 or less, will see their rapists convicted.

Fawcett figures - rapists convicted out of total number of rapes

Remember that this is being generous, in reality, it would be 7 or 8 convicted per 1,000 rapes.

“But Stormy, I cannot believe that so many rapes go unreported.”

[ . . .]

But anyway, I still went on to run several other statistical models to see what would happen to our ‘glorious’ 6% conviction rate. Here goes (the fairy figures):

If only a third of rapes (rather than 15%, which is about a sixth) were reported, this would be the result:
One third reported scenario

And if it were half the rapes reported:
Half reported scenario

So there you have it. “6%” even in fairyland you’d be pushing to get two or three percent conviction rate out of total rates committed.

Contrary to popular (MRA) belief, most women DO NOT REPORT RAPE. And most rapists GET AWAY WITH IT. And rapists are 99% of the time—MALE (and even when the victim is male).

* * *
So the answer to the riddle “When is 6% not 6%?” is:
“When it is in reality, less than 1%.”

*Redactions for the purpose of emphasis only, because the material eliminated made this post funny to the advanced blamer and I am utilizing the graphs for potentially beginning to intermediate blamers. If you want to read the whole thing, you’ll have to search out Stormy’s blog, which is available but no longer active due to trolling/spamming. Hence, I am not going to make it easy for you.

Thank you Stormy


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