Important Update


I would like to celebrate the occasion of my first day with my brand new, bright, shiny blog to post Biting Beaver’s Rapist Checklist

No, I am not interested in any MRA’s assessment of “what is wrong with” this list. Any comments of that nature will result in banning.

As many of us know, Biting Beaver and Kathy Sierra (notably, but among many others) were silenced by violent threats against themselves and their families because they dared to be public women telling the truth about the patriarchy.

The societies on this earth are constructed around The Patriarchy. The partiarchy is the locus for every hateful, lazy, ugly impulse of man. Its ultimate target is the group it has labeled “women”, around which it built a gender identity designed to strip the dignity, voice, and agency of anyone in possession of a vagina. This gender identity strips its constituents of even the barest pretense of humanity.

Hence, feminism. Yup, we flesh-envelopes surrounding vaginas women are actually people.


~ by heycarahe on November 24, 2007.

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